P. A. Copeland, Chandlers Primary Year 6 teacher and Head of PE
2014-07-02, 00:00
I taught Daniel in Year 6, his final year in primary school. As well as displaying an exceptional aptitude for mathematics, Daniel proved himself to be a genuine 'all-rounder', excelling in all areas of the curriculum. He was at all times highly motivated and diligent, coupling his innate ability with a hard working ethos that ensured rapid progress. Despite following a rigorous training and competition schedule to pursue his fencing ambitions, Daniel successfully combined his academic work with the sporting activities of the school, representing several teams with distinction. He was, at all times, a mature, well-mannered pupil who could be depended upon to rise to any challenge.
Martin Gallyer, Strength and Conditioning Coach for Elite Athletes, HP Athletes
2014-06-12, 14:58
Daniel has taken on board the training programme and worked hard to be where he is now and recognised as one of the fastest and strongest young fencers in Britain … With the progression Daniel is showing it would be a terrible loss if such a talented youngster is priced out of the sport which he loves and is so talented at.
Oliver Allmand-Smith, Pastor, Ramsbottom Trinity Grace Church
2014-06-12, 14:57
I have known Daniel ever since he started fencing, and I have followed his progress with keen interest. With his determination and ability to improve his own level of performance, I really believe that he will progress further. In order to move up to the next level of competition on the European and International stage, I know that his parents are going to need financial support to help this able young man reach his full potential.
RM Marshal, Headmaster, Bury Grammar School
2014-06-12, 14:55
Daniel is hard working, meticulous, motivated and driven, he is an exceptional fencer and I am very proud of his achievements … despite this he remains one of the most modest young men you will ever meet. I recommend Daniel wholeheartedly for your support – you will be backing a winner!
Joanna Cook, Head of Pathway Development, British Fencing
2014-06-12, 14:54
Daniel is doing exceptionally well this season and has had some fantastic international results, especially as he is still so young and generally competing against older, more experienced fencers. He is also excelling in our talent programme and showing real potential to be a future world-beater.