This is your opportunity to be part of someone’s dream and help make it come true. It’s not every day that we can say “Today, I helped a young man on his journey to an Olympic medal”.

If you believe in Daniel and want to associate your name or brand with a growing sport and an individual who embodies sporting talent, clear ambition, a striving for excellence, fitness as a way of life and a healthy desire to succeed then this is your chance to get involved and make a difference (continued…)

Many people who work closely with Daniel believe in him(add link to testimonial section) – his talent, attitude and potential. They are helping him to achieve his ambition but we need more financial support to continue his success.

To keep Daniel at the top of his sport, educated, competing across the world, in a professional training and fitness programme, and with the right kit costs about £10,000 a year. Fencing is a hugely expensive sport and his parents have made many sacrifices to get him so far and now need outside help to keep the dream alive.

Where does the money go? To stay in the rankings a British fencer needs to compete in mandatory events and these are held all over the world. So the majority of costs go towards travel and accommodation.

Daniel is helping himself too. His excellent academic record has secured him an exam to enter Harrow school – if successful he will qualify for a two study bursary.We now need some extra financial support to complete the picture.

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We are extremely grateful to our current sponsors – without them we wouldn't be where we are today. Their logos are shown at the bottom of this and other pages on the site.

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British Fencing Rankings

How are fencers ranked and selected for GBR representation? To begin with, they are ranked by category – cadet, junior or senior – and by their choice of weapon which could be foil, épée or sabre. And of course, by gender.

Rankings for selection are calculated from points earned in nominated competitions that fencers enter, the number of points will depend on how well they performed and the rating of the competition, this is calculated from the size and type of the competition and how many of the top ranked fencers compete in it. For more information see British Fencing selections and rankings. On this page you will also find details of specific ranking schemes for Cadet (Under-17) and Junior (Under-20) fencers and lists of nominated competitions.

Cadet Foil Ranking List
Cadet Foil Ranking List

Ranking points are collated by British Fencing points coordinators and used to produce ranking lists. In the picture you can see the end-of-season ranking for the 2013-2014 season.

Entering all of the required competitions can be an expensive business – and it’s not getting any easier. A recent decision from British Fencing has suspended all official trips to international cadet qualifiers. Parents of those athletes selected to compete in these competitions will be able to choose whether they accompany their children to these events or entrust a responsible person with taking their child. This means that for parents – such as Daniel’s – who play an important coaching and supportive role now need to fund their own trips. This has effectively doubled the cost of supporting Daniel through must-do competitions.

Talent Identification

Talent identification and confirmation programmes and talent schemes play an important role in the career of an aspiring young fencer. British fencing have such a programme .

British Fencing Pathway
British Fencing Pathway

Like all major sports, fencing has a pathway to identify and guide a fencer’s career so that as they improve they move confidently through the ranks.

This diagram shows the pathway and where Daniel is on his journey to being a professional, world-class, senior competitor and Olympic hopeful.


P. A. Copeland, Chandlers Primary Year 6 teacher and Head of PE
2014-07-02, 00:00
I taught Daniel in Year 6, his final year in primary school. As well as displaying an exceptional aptitude for mathematics, Daniel proved himself to … read more

Press Cuttings

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Bury Times, 27th February 2014
Daniel will represent GB at fencing championships
Bury Times, 24th January 2014
Club's success is sealed with a Kiss
Bury Times, 25th February 2013


Team GB

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British Fencing

Selected member of the British Fencing Talent Programme

Member of the British Under-17 and Under-20 Squads

British Under-12, Under-14 and Under-16 Gold medallist

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