Corporate Sponsorship

How would a company benefit from sponsorship?

As well as being part of Daniel’s journey there are clear benefits for promoting your company and brand. British Fencing is becoming increasingly popular so this is a chance to “be in at the beginning”. We can provide a sponsorship package that won’t break the bank.

What are you being associated with? Well, fencing has got serious history – Homer and Shakespeare talked about it. It’s got fizz and panache – think Captain Jack Sparrow. And it’s got style and class – James Bond, surely?

As well as the sexy stuff, it’s an excellent, fast-moving, exciting combat sport – to participate in and to watch. Throw in lightning speed, stamina and guile and you’re starting to get the picture of what fencing is all about (continued…)

Your brand can be visible in many ways:

Raise your profile at local, UK and world-wide events
Have your company logo on Daniel’s kit – his jacket and breeches, tracksuit, training wear, fencing equipment and cases. Over a year, Daniel is seen by an average of at least 20,000 people at competitions – that’s unique individuals and doesn't count regular fans and family. A direct marketing campaign for a local area can cost in the region of £3,000 – yet just £500 would have your company name seen by thousands of people.
Make events part of your marketing and sales strategy
If the event fits with your marketing strategy why not host a promotion stand at the event to engage people directly with your products or services?
Be the face of your company
Daniel is photogenic and super-fit, and would make an ideal sportsman to be the “face” of your company – on your literature, adverts, promotional material, and more.
Be seen online and in social media
Your website can be visible on both Daniel’s and the Salle Kiss websites. Salle Kiss gets at least 350  unique hits a month and we anticipate Daniel’s getting the same. And the Facebook site has regular interaction, 91 ‘likes’ and a reach of xxx.  Daniel is also a regularly reported on North West Region Fencing, Manchester Cadet, and British Fencing sites.There will also be opportunity to talk about sponsors in social media such as Twitter and Facebook – we can tailor how we use social media to fit with your own online strategy.
Local media and press
We’ve had some stories published in the Bury Times and local media and are building up a stronger more proactive PR plan for the future. So while we can’t guarantee coverage, we do expect more opportunities (stories and photos) to be appearing in the press during 2015 and beyond.

What happens next?

We can provide an affordable and tailored package for each sponsor, ensuring appropriate coverage and visibility. Call us on 0788 796 8117 to discuss and we’ll help shape and agree a detailed sponsorship deal for you.

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